Pakistan Urdu School

Enter to learn & leave to serve.

About Us

Pakistan Urdu School was established in March 1956 and owes its existence to Mr. Ashraf S. Mohammadi, Mrs. Saleha Raheem, Mr. Haji Asghar Ali, Mr. Abdul Rasool Malik, Mr. Sayed Akber Ali, Dr. Mehitapwala and those in business and commercial community in Bahrain who provided monetary support in establishing the school. 

The school, which is managed by a board of trustees, prepares students for secondary and higher secondary examinations in arts, science and commerce. The present strength of the school is about 230 staff members catering to the educational needs of about 2,000 students from all nationalities including Pakistanis, Bahraini, Malaysian, Jordanian, Egyptian, Sri Lankan and others. The medium of instruction is English. The school has separate classes for boys and girls. The school is affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad, Pakistan. 

The Pakistan Urdu School has a team of dedicated teaching staff under the supervision of the school management and the guidance of the board. The school aims not only to provide proper academic grooming, but also moral upbringing of the students. This institution emphasizes academic excellence as well as encouraging co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

One of the main aims of the Pakistan Urdu School is to ensure hat its students not only attain useful scholarly skills, but also be productive and responsible members of society. All these attributes make Pakistan Urdu School an ideal institution, committed to the noble cause of imparting quality education on a non-profit basis. The trustees are committed that any surplus earned is reinvested on various developments of school facilities.

In the past the school has invested in new buildings and moved the primary school from Manama to Isa town. More recently, it has undergone a major metamorphosis. New school canteens have been constructed, the play area was tarmacked and a proper area for school buses to arrive and safely transport the students was built. The school has also renovated the primary school classrooms, providing them with a new state-of-the-art look as well as the addition of new activity and audio visual rooms. The school has set up new computer laboratories for the girls’ primary section and middle school.


Recreational Sports

The recreational sports department offers a variety of recreation services to the students.

Following sports are offered in our respected institution.
1) Volley Ball
2) Basketball
3) Cricket
4) Football
And a variety of exercises classes are offered once a week. and the students are given one P.T period once a week.


Extra Curricular Activities

The school's most popular and most practiced activity is debate competitions. They are mostly conducted at National Days or on Cultural Holidays. Occasional Naat recitals and poetry competitions are held. The school has a cricket team as it is the most popular sport, and has won many of the inter-school tournaments in Bahrain. The management had taken few steps in the past for the promotion of extra curricular activities in the school but due to lack of resources and interest they have been failing ever since.


School Uniform


  • Shirt: White
  • Trousers: Dark grey (I-X); Dark blue (XI-XII)
  • Neck tie: Light blue with black stripes (I-X); Dark blue (XI-XII) (available to be bought from the school).
  • Socks: Grey (I-X) ; Blue (XI-XII)
  • Shoes: Black
  • Sweaters: Dark blue (I-X); Black (XI-XII)
  • Blazers / Jackets: Dark Blue (I-X); Black (XI-XII)

  • Kameez: White (I-X); Maroon (XI-XII)
  • Shalwar: White (I-X); Maroon (XI-XII)
  • Scarf: White (I-XII)
  • Dupatta: White (I-XII)
  • Pinafore: Grey (With a monogram on the pocket) (I-X)
  • Socks: White (I-X); Maroon(XI-XII)
  • Shoes: Black (I-XII)
  • Sweaters: Dark Blue (I-X); Black (XI-XII)
  • Blazers / Jackets: Dark Blue (I-X); Black (XI-XII)

  • Books

    The school provides all books (to be bought). 


    School Hours

    The school is open from Sunday through Thursday from 8.00 am to 2:00 pm and  the school's office timings are from 8.00am to 12.30pm on all working days.