Pakistan Urdu School

Enter to learn & leave to serve.

Who are we?

Pakistan Urdu School is a private institution functioning in Isa Town, Bahrain. The school was found in 1956 by a panel of Bahraini and Pakistani trustees who agreed to establish it as an alternative English medium school for the Pakistani community in Bahrain. The school was seen as an alternative for the embassy-backed Pakistan School.


Until 1955, there was no public or private institution in Bahrain for educating the children of Indo-Pak origin in Urdu and this therefore, was a challenge for the community. Mr. Ashraf S. Mohamad, a prominent businessman of Bahrain, came forward to take a lead in accepting this challenge, and with the co-operation of his educationist daughter Mrs. Saleha Raheem, who invited some interested members of the Muslim Community, collected funds and formed a board of Trustees, hired premises and got it reasonably furnished to start a school. Then in March 1956, the first Urdu school for the students of Indo-Pak origin got established in the Gulf.

Until 1984 the school was accommodated in two buildings in Manama, but since then there has been continuous programmers of expansion. The school is now housed in one bid building in Isa Town and has an approximate numbers of about over 2000 students. With the help of the Ministry Of Education, The Ministry Of Land and Housing, Bahrain, allotted a piece of land approximately 250000 Sq.ft in Isa Town to construct our own building.

The school has an arch history of excellence. The schools mission is to prepare students for career in the positively oriented culturally diverse environments. This school is dedicated to the encouragement and cooperation through education program combining the best of the professional studies and liberal arts core ,Pakistan Urdu school students are prepared for a career. New construction and expansion of science and computer facilities, the library and the grounds allows the students to expand their horizon. The school has up to date library collection, a book store, a computer lab, and a cafeteria. The laboratories are fully equipped with state of the art equipment.

The school owes its existence to Mr. Hajji Asghar Ali, Mr. Abdul Rasool Malik, Mr. Sayyed Akber Ali, and Dr. Mehitapwala and to those in the business and commercial who provided the financial backing for its foundation.